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I love meditating. It makes me more clearheaded, and a more stable and happy person. Needless to say I regularly look for new and exciting ways to implement this more into my life.

Recently I discovered the GetSomeHeadspace site and more importantly its app. The app provides you with a basic 10 days program for free, afterwards if you want to try out the other meditation sessions, you have to subscribe. More info on that you can find here .

I just finished this Take 10 program and I loved it! The meditations are a combination of several elements. You focus on your body,  your emotional state and on your breath. I really enjoyed the combination of these elements in one meditation.

What I normally do is focusing on, and counting the breath which works fine as well but this felt refreshing.

On top of that the app also comes with wonderful illustrations and interesting little videos. They did a great job on providing both interesting and wonderful looking content and it’s something you can easily implement into your daily life as it takes only 10 minutes a day, and when interested you can also use this little buzzers to remind you to be mindful during the day.


I am totally in love with this app and cannot wait to check out all  the other elements. As my mind sometimes feels very clouded and overtaken, I do notice quite some difference already after only 10 days. I’m curious to see what’ll happen doing this for a month or a few months! I’ll make sure to keep you guys briefed on how the different sessions go!

You can get your headspace on the move for free here.  It works on both Apple iOS and Android devices. Good luck!

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