Black Bean Chocolate Muffins

black bean choc muffin350g black beans (I cooked them myself but beans from a can should also work fine) // 10 dattes // a handfull of walnuts // 2 tbsp coconut oil // 3-4 tbsp honey // 3 eggs // 20g cocoa // 16g (1 little bag) backing powder

First blend the dattes. Add the walnuts to the dattes mixture and blend it some more. Then add all the other ingredients and blend till you have a solid texture. Add them to your preferred backing forms. Put them in the oven for 30min at 180°C. Let them cool down & enjoy!


Headspace Meditation App – Take 15 Program

The last 13 days have been crazy for me. With the guys being gone, I had to run our main charity stream which brought about a lot of stress and was very hard on me, as I had to stream 8-10 hours a day trying to gather 3,3k dollar per day.

I ended up not eating and sleeping properly but the only thing I really obligated myself to do was meditate. I just started the Take 15 program, which basically is a 15 day program with a daily 15 min meditation session, and I felt that especially during a hard period like this, it would help me balance things out. And I was right!

Before I started the program, I was afraid 15 min per day would feel like forever, but the opposite ended up to be true! It didn’t feel long at all. Looking back now at the Take 10 program, it actually is a bit too short, as  I regularly ended up relaxing deeply around the 10 min and then it’d come to an end.

So what to does the Take 15 program focus on?

It makes you answer the questions: “Why should I meditate?” and “How does me meditating affect others who are dear to me?”. On top of it, it focuses on implementing it more in your daily life, aside of the meditations itself. You learn to develop more mindfulness as you learn to observe your mind on a more regular base which ends up in changing your perspective in a lot of situations.

Of course there are still moments you are less aware or things get to you but for some reason, even though the feelings are there, it seems to be easier to cope with them.

I also tried out the sleeping meditation several times and even though I was skeptic towards it, I’d fall asleep every time before the time ran out (so within the 16min).

Next step is the Take 20 program. Looking forward to see what’s coming up next, and of course I’ll keep you guys posted on that one as well!

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Ginger Beer

ginger beer10.5l sparkling water // 85- 95g ginger // 0.5 lemon // 3-4 tbsp agave or honey

Grate the ginger and add it to half of the sparkling water. Add the lemon juice of 0.5 lemon and the sweetener of your liking. When planning on drinking, add the other half of the sparkling water. Done! Enjoy!

Headspace Meditation App

logo headspace



I love meditating. It makes me more clearheaded, and a more stable and happy person. Needless to say I regularly look for new and exciting ways to implement this more into my life.

Recently I discovered the GetSomeHeadspace site and more importantly its app. The app provides you with a basic 10 days program for free, afterwards if you want to try out the other meditation sessions, you have to subscribe. More info on that you can find here .

I just finished this Take 10 program and I loved it! The meditations are a combination of several elements. You focus on your body,  your emotional state and on your breath. I really enjoyed the combination of these elements in one meditation.

What I normally do is focusing on, and counting the breath which works fine as well but this felt refreshing.

On top of that the app also comes with wonderful illustrations and interesting little videos. They did a great job on providing both interesting and wonderful looking content and it’s something you can easily implement into your daily life as it takes only 10 minutes a day, and when interested you can also use this little buzzers to remind you to be mindful during the day.


I am totally in love with this app and cannot wait to check out all  the other elements. As my mind sometimes feels very clouded and overtaken, I do notice quite some difference already after only 10 days. I’m curious to see what’ll happen doing this for a month or a few months! I’ll make sure to keep you guys briefed on how the different sessions go!

You can get your headspace on the move for free here.  It works on both Apple iOS and Android devices. Good luck!


fritatta ok1 medium leek

200 g mushrooms

4 eggs

Bake the veggies first. I like this mix but it works great with others like f.e. courgette, peppers, onion etc. as well. Mix the eggs. Put the veggies and eggs in an oven dish and bake it for 30-40 min at 200°C. If you can eat cheese, make sure to top it with some to add more taste to it. Enjoy!

Easy & Healthy Breakfast

Easy & healhty breakfast 175g soy yoghurt with fruit or pure // 40g rice flakes 80g fruit (strawberries, kiwi, grapes, banana,…)  // Soy milk till all is covered // 1-2 tbsp honey //1 tsp cinnamon //nuts and seed mix 
Add all in a glass container and let it be for a few hours. Done! You can also make this the night before and have it as breakfast or as a healthy and powerful in between meal. Enjoy!