Healthy Orange Cacao Bar

Healthy bars w orange and cacao and dates100 g dates // 9 drops orange stevia ( // 1 tbsp cacao powder // 75 g almonds

First mix the dates and orange stevia . Add the rest to it, make bars, put them in the fridge and done! I prefer them with some coconut on top but they work fine without as well. Enjoy!

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Fruit Cakes

gf breadpudding2 ripe bananas // 250 g apple sauce // 225 g rice flakes // 200 g of strawberries and /or blackberries (or whatever fruit you prefer) //1/2 tbsp cinnamon // 2-3 tbsp honey.

(optional: nuts and raisins)

Mix all together, put in a bake form, add some almond bits on top, and bake for around 55min at 180C. Enjoy!